Hi, I’m Corey Ward — a senior-level multi-disciplinary, full-stack design-minded developer working in service of marketing.

Most of my clients have an established development team, but those resources are locked up working on product, leaving the marketing and growth teams to either self-serve or outsource to firms. I offer an alternative, providing the consideration and availability of an employee on an hourly, ongoing basis. 

“Corey is a true full stack developer and a high quality Swiss army knife for all things software. I've hired Corey across a few different companies now and he currently fills what would typically be a full time role on my team, part time (the real super power of a great contractor). Beyond his top tier dev chops we also trust him to make decisions for our company RE web design, stack choices and general project management. I've hired many many contractors in my career, it's rare to find ones that get truly invested in the success of your business; that is what you'll find in Corey.”

Mike Coughlin, Head of Growth at Figma

Interested in expanding the capabilities of your marketing and growth teams? Get in touch here, email me directly, or find me elsewhere:

Not convinced? Perhaps more kind words from clients past and present will change your mind.