Client-Love (aka Testimonials)

“Corey is a true full stack developer and an equally holistic product thinker. He can design and develop front end, back end, everything in between.

We didn't fully appreciate him until he left (worked for us full-time for 3 years before going to a startup). All of his stuff is super clean, lightning fast, and thoroughly modern. He has my highest recommendation.”

Co-Founder at Litmus Health,
Co-Founder at Totem

“Corey is one of the few I’ve met with the the title of ‘full stack’ and actually lives up to it. His thinking through of a user’s experience and appreciation of design are welcome traits to have alongside his deep technical expertise. Add that skillset to the fact that he’s a genuinely good guy and you have yourself a highly recommendable professional.”

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Mighty

“Corey possesses top notch technical skills and takes immense pride in his work. You can count on him to provide advice on any aspect of development. He is meticulous in developing products that perform at the highest standard. If you hire him to work on your product, it will undoubtedly be better as a result.”

Author, CEO at Dynamynd,
Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Kolbe Corp

“We've worked with Corey for over six years now and he is the best of the best. He does very high quality development work with a focus on speed. His code is clean and beautiful and he's excellent at design as well. He always gives us counsel re: conversion best practices and flags when a particular design could be more user-friendly. He thinks about every detail – from subtle interactions to the text and images that show up when pages are shared on social media. We highly recommend him.”

— Rebecca Ewing
Vice President at JDI

“Corey has skills and maturity beyond his years. I've had the pleasure of working with Corey at two different companies now and have always been impressed with his ability to do awesome work while keeping everyone else around him focused on the big picture.”

Co-Founder at Native Color